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at the Wellfit Expo, Lotto Mons

Mind x Body is a new dance battle concept with a total price money bag of €4500. It will take place during the Wellfit Exposition in the Lotto Expo of Mons on the 24th October.

The battle will consist of two different battle categories:

2vs2 house x break

2vs2 popping x hiphop

One category will have teams composed of a house dancer and a breaker and the other of a popper and a hiphop dancer. Every category will have a top 8 with one guest team. 7 teams will be chosen during the preselection.

Who will take the win? Who will be crowned champion and take home the €1500 cash price?


Skilled, Strict but Righteous


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1st place : €1500
2nd place: €750


1st place: €1500
2nd place: €750

Register now for the pre selections on the 23rd of October 2021.

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This year's theme is Back to Basic.
Take your outfit to the next level and win the FASHION AWARD:

Win a Trip Redbull Dance your Style in South Africa!

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What to expect


MIND X BODY is a 2 vs 2 Battle and is open to all dancers male and female. Dancers (Break & House) will be expected to dance to breakbeats and house music.
Dancers (Hiphop & Popping) will be expected to dance to hiphop and popping music.
Judges will be assessing the quality of the performance, musicality, dance technique and the personality of the performers.

Battle Rules
2 vs 2 battle where each pair of dancers will be challenged to dance to the unpredictable, varied beats of a live DJ
The music genre will change for each pair of dancers and can range from hiphop, break beats, funk, electronica, house music, etc…
During the preliminary rounds, the DJ will play one song for each round.
There will be 7 open slots for each category to assemble a top 8.
Each pair of dancers will have 1:30m to prove their worth. They can fill in the time limit however they want! Routines are allowed!
The quarter finals will consist of one round where each dancer will have 1:30 minutes to show the judges what they got.
The semi finals will consist of two rounds where each dancer will get 1:30 minutes / round to show the judges what they got.
The finals will consist of two rounds where each dancer will get a maximum of 4 minutes / round to show the judges what they got!
During every round the judges will decide who they believe has won. This means that every style will be judged on it’s own.
The judge of the music style being played will receive a double vote during that round.
Judges will choose 1 pair from each battle to advance to the next round until the battle progresses to the two final pairs.
Each dancer will be judged on their artistic creativity, their musicality, and their ability to entertain the judges.
All judges will give a demo just before the final round!


A warm welcome for our


Wellfit in collaboration with


The organization is in the hands of 2 dancers who have earned their steps in the dance world.

Joffrey Anane

Joffrey (°1991) is a dancer, choreographer and actor. The underground dance battle scene made him fall in love with Hip Hop, Housedance and his specialty: Floorworks (ground movements). As @ananethedancer he is part of art collective @OseiBantu. Together and individually they participate in underground battles, commercial assignments, video clips, dance competitions and international events.

Denis Inghelbrecht

Denis (°1994) is a dancer, choreographer and movement artist. Denis has been part of the underground dance scene for over 8 years. He has participated in many battles and organized several international workshops of world-renowned freestyle dancers. He specializes in the styles Popping, Tutting, Waving and Threading. He is known for having an experimental approach to dance. His style can be described as creating shapes, lines and patterns and visually making them work in harmony.

Their mission?

Bringing people and art together, strengthening the art sector in Belgium and networking with artists all over the world. And thereby expressing their love for dance and the subculture in which they believes.

“With Mind x Body we hope to bring Belgium, and surrounding countries, back together. For many it has been a long period of nothingness. Now that the covid regulations are loosening we believe it’s a great time to start rebuilding the community.”